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About us

About us

Editora Innsbruck aims to promote relevant discussions among the entrepreneurial community at a global level, generating targeted interactions between its directors, guests and the public through its publications (The Winners, Economy & Law and VIDI) and the events it holds. Its products reflect the lives and achievements of key leaders […]
Economy&Law is a magazine that talks to a select group of Brazilian businessmen, jurists and politicians, either through its digital or printed version. With a very segmented mailing, Economy&Law reaches the most different offices and public offices in Brazil with exclusive content on economics, business, finance, law and politics. In the magazine […]
Red Pages by Economy&Law was created based on Economy&Law and offers customized content in different sectors of the economy to give the reader maximum insight into a personality, business or service. Red Pages has the social function of bringing information, offering all space to the theme proposed on the cover, exhausting the agenda […]
The Winners magazine is timeless, serves an audience of executives and managers, deals with business and the economy in a more creative way, putting people in the spotlight, taking the news in high style. In addition to its interviews, The Winners brings content on management, technology, trends, gastronomy, tourism and entertainment. The Winners is a […]
Golden Pages by The Winners was created based on The Winners Prime Leaders Magazine. Through it, it is possible to highlight not only the personality of leaders and managers who make a difference in Brazil and in the world, but actions, achievements and ideals that can contribute to the development of society and serve as a […]
Part of the Innsbruck Group, VIDI is a Brazilian magazine, also directed and distributed to an international audience. The publication covers topics on sustainability, environment, ESG, diversity, future, smart cities, awareness and innovations. She talks in a modern way with generations, especially Millenials and Generation Z, who currently dictate the rules […]
Green Pages by VIDI is a special product based on VIDI and offers segmented content to offer the reader maximum insight into a personality, business or service that is truly committed to the sustainable agenda, and that provides a wonderful service to the planet through of your actions. In this space, VIDI […]
O Global Council of Sustainability & Marketing (GCSM) é uma entidade de caráter institucional formada por um Conselho Curador, Conselho Consultivo, Membros Honorários e Diretoria Executiva, a fim de fomentar e disseminar as melhores práticas empresariais em todos os setores, fortalecendo a gestão empresarial, a comunicação, empreendedorismo e inovação no Brasil, na América Latina e […]