GCSM - Global Council of Sustainability & Marketing

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The Global Council of Sustainability & Marketing (GCSM) is an institutional entity formed by a Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, Honorary Members and Executive Board, in order to promote and disseminate best business practices in all sectors, strengthening business management. , communication, entrepreneurship and innovation in Brazil, Latin America and the world.

The GCSM gathers national and international actions, awards and events around great personalities and companies, as well as evaluates and suggests those qualified to compete for the awards: Latin American Sales Personality Award (LASPA), Latin American Marketing Personality Award (LAMPA), World Company Award (WOCA), in addition to other initiatives.

With Agostinho Turbian as world president, the GCSM connects people and purposes in all parts of the world, always presenting people with the possibilities of successful development and management.

Its events and actions are widely publicized in the magazines of Editora Innsbruck, enhancing networking, the meeting between brands and innovation in companies.

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