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LASPA 2018 – Latin America Sales Personality Award


More than three hundred guests were present at classy Buffet França, located in Higienópolis neighborhood, on the last October 29th, for LASPA event, held in the city of São Paulo – the first of a series of four events.

“We made the decision of holding LASPA 2018 in São Paulo due to the importance of the one to be honored – the state-owned company that performed a miracle of changing the situation of R$ 220 million loss to now making R$ 505 million in operational profit”, stated Agostinho Turbian, president of GCSM.

The event was especially attended by the Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation Minister, Valter Casimiro Silveira; the President of Forum of Americas, Mário Garnero; the President of the Best Friends of Aeronautics Society, Reinaldo Papaiordanou; the Aviation Lieutenant Brigadier, Marcelo Kanitz Damasceno; Romeu Chap Chap; the CEO of AXWAY, Marcelo Ramos; the President of VIRELID, Acácio Queiroz; and many notorious people, entrepreneurs, leaders and businessmen, directors and chief officers of INFRAERO, among others.

“This year, the recognition of LASPA comes with special symbology while awarding the President of INFRAERO, Dr. Antônio Claret de Oliveira, with a Merit Award Medal – Public Personality of the Decade. He was awarded for his successful management as the head of the state-owned company, which is moving fast towards going public, in favor of the efficiency of the State and the market”, said José de Podesta, Chairman of the Board GCSM.

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