Witzler Group consolidates as one of the largest energy managers in the country

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Witzler Group is a platform created for energy solutions, operating throughout the energy chain with the provision of intelligence, marketing, certification and power generation services. The group is a holding company composed of the companies Witzler Energia, market leader in the energy management zone for free consumers, managing more than 1,300 consumer units and Exponencial Energy, Energy manufacturer that offers customized and innovative products for free consumers, specials, generators, autoproducers and energy suppliers.

Technology, innovation, ethics and sustainable development as a social patrimony allowed the group to have a speed growth, reaching the milestone of 1.5 billion in energy contracts under management in 2021.

The protagonism in the energy field is tangible, as well as the disruptive technological leadership through the creation and implementation of own tools and systems, which today are important competitive differentials, prepare the company for the next steps and inaugurate the ESG Tech category in the country.

The commitment to the excellence for the customer satisfaction and operational efficiency ensured to the group the sectoral pioneering in the achievement of important certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 37001, in addition to Level 3 in the B3 Trust Seal (Brazilian Stock Exchange) to the energy market. Such certifications ensure security in business relations and reaffirm the daily mission of generating positive results and innovative solutions to customers and the market.

In the energy sector, on a daily basis, there is a necessity to expand investments and efforts to develop clean and renewable sources and for the group it goes beyond the relationship with the market. It itself achieved international certification I-Rec. All these outstanding features led the group’s CEO, Lucas Witzler, to receive the Energy Leaders award in the energy efficiency category in 2021.

The Winners – Since the birth of the company so far, what actions and attributes have consolidated and brought the recognition of the sector to the point of being considered Level 3 in the B3 Trust Seal? What is the representativeness of this certification for the business?

Lucas Witzler – “The Witzler group was created under the influence of a great tradition in the energy sector. Nowadays, I am happy to represent the fourth generation at the service of excellence in the Brazilian energy chain, offering solutions to the consumer, according to their needs.

Eight years ago we saw a great opportunity in the countryside of São Paulo, lacking advice in the sector and, at the same time, a thriving region, strong in energy and other segments. Therefore, we seek to develop solutions that add value, reduce energy costs and make our customers increasingly competitive.

From 2015/2016 we started our trajectory in the free market of energy and we became a platform of energy solutions carrying out consultancy, energy efficiency projects, commercialization and power generation with small hydroelectric power plants and solar power plants and thus consolidating us as one of the largest energy managers in Brazil.

This growth motivated us to always improve the company’s management and invest in governance. The certifications were a reflection of this continuous work and validated what we do on a day-to-day basis and that represent, for us, a foundation for the company. We have ISO 37001, which deals with the issue of corruption and anti-bribery in the company. We are the first in the electrical sector to obtain certification at this level, in addition to ISO 9001 quality. And, with this, we move towards achieving the seal of excellence and compliance in risk management of B3, which is a label that analyzes risk and governance policy.

Nowadays the group has an established board, governance policies that reflect the quality of our services and excellence in people management, which we consider the company’s greatest asset.

Our pillars: people, technology, processes and our culture. This set of attributes is the reflection and success of the company”.

The Winners – The group has focused on concern for people and their well-being. How is this reflected in the way management operates?

Lucas Witzler – “The main pillar of the company are people. We believe and act with retention and talent development. For this reason, we received certification from GPTW Brazil (2021-2022) for good practices in people management. It is aligned with the group’s values by stimulating the good working environment with respect, ethics and appreciation.

We have a program of Engineering, in which employees can participate in the company, in addition to the PIMC (Individual Program of Continuous Improvement) that promotes the development and growth of our employees. When people develop, the company will develop as well.

People union and innovation are part of the DNA of the Witzler Group. Here, employees are encouraged to innovate, create solutions, be creative. This approach is aligned to another pillar: technology.

From this set of actions, we build solutions for consumers, since we are people thinking about people. We are in the midst of innovative, technological and intraentrepreneurial growth”.

The Winners – It’s a group in strong growth. What can we expect in relation to future investments and development?

Lucas Witzler – Nowadays we are based on 17 states and more than 350 cities located in the mainly points in Brazil. We have a portfolio of customers sprayed and recently inaugurated our branch in the Northeast of the country, since we understand to be high potential the demand of the region.

The projects do not stop, we have actions on fronts such as: distributed energy generation, through photovoltaic solar energy; we have carried out new structures of investment vehicles, such as Investment Funds in Equity (FIP)to enable investors to invest in power generation and distributed generation. The consolidation of this IPF will allow the development of about 100 MW of photovoltaic solar energy in the distributed generation model, being a great gain not only for the market, but also for the Brazilian energy sector.

The Group has been preparing for the opening of the free energy market. We believe that, soon, with bill PL 414 moving towards an outcome, we will have not only the expansion of the market, but also and increasingly, the power of choice in the hands of the consumer.

At this moment, the group is ready to offer consumers hair care, technology, system and innovation. Our goal is to be the largest retail dealer in the country in opening the market to consumers in Group A.”

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