To the winner, the prize!

por The Winners

Wow! finally, enough with the electoral propaganda and let us move to the new tasks to remove this country from the debate that has led to a major change in our national management.

The winner, Jair Bolsonaro, by a margin that reveals a country that is convinced, far from divided, showed a center-right configuration with an expressive percentage of valid votes.

Thus, there is a majority thinking in favor of democracy, human rights shaped by the primacy of the individual over the State, the freedom to endeavor, undertake and express themselves and far from political systems still stubbornly surviving in the Americas.

There also is a sense of relief over the abandonment of ideological subservience to totalitarian regimes such as that of Venezuela, which has created the largest wave of refugees from Western countries since the Cubans fled to the United States in the last century.

What awaits the president and what is expected of him are the most important points of the discussions until his inauguration on January 1, in Brasília.

First and foremost, we hope for his full physical recovery (the knife attack he suffered in Juiz de Fora in September still demands medical attention). In the sequence, we expect a line of broad understanding with the National Congress – in which it will have, with his party and other seats, the necessary majority for a constitutional reform in points already delineated in this column. And last but not least, a respectful and harmonious relationship with the Judiciary, which will certainly adjust its vision to the new reality that the ballots have determined: fight against corruption, against organized crime and fraud, besides full legal certainty that, by the Constitution, must be guaranteed.

It will certainly take a long period of at least two years to bring the economy back into full power regime, removing from the State and State-owned companies the discretionary and notary power they have invested themselves, and to expand their freedom to undertake – with the guarantee of the rights of workers, but without the means to generate wealth with which businessmen and society have suffered so much and which they rightly complain of. We expect the new government to restructure public security at all levels. An even greater integration of the Northeast into the national productive system – and also of other regions still strangled today by populist administrative measures that have reduced national productivity.

As I learned from our president Juscelino Kubitschek, development is a state of mind. And if this verity prevails, as already noted in society and especially in Brazilian and international entrepreneurs, this resumption will not be like a “chicken flight”, but consistent and constant, seeking a level of continued and self-sustained growth of around 5% per year.

The international opening of the economy and politics and the abandonment of ideological standards in the foreign relations of the country will determine new axes of prosperity and transfer of energies now limited by a belt of commitments that currently has more burdens than advantages.

For Mercosur, if we consider it a strategic and political alliance, and want to maintain it, we will have to negotiate a weaver to free us to negotiate with the United States and Canada a free trade agreement, as well as with the European Community and the ASEAN countries.

I remember that, in attendance at Beaver Creek in the presence of former President Gerald Ford, the signature of the NAFTA – born under the inspiration of former President Salinas of Mexico – his minister of commerce Serra Puche made clear that the treaty was not a straitjacket, but a platform for insertion into the world economy. And in the years that followed, Mexico completed 33 international agreements besides NAFTA. Good example for the new policy of President Bolsonaro.

Without the collapse of endemic corruption and without skewed ideologies, Brazil will return to the list of internationally respected countries, reopening and reheating our economy and our businesses in the global dimension.

And all this in a climate of social peace and harmony, in which divergences of thought are accepted and good ideas of any current of thought are received as important contributions and as marks of our cultural, political, economic and social diversity.

We are renovating the house.

Inside, making structural reforms, leaving aside the “Brazilian way” and adopting the line of seriousness and responsibility at all levels, from personal to institutional.

Outside, painting the beautiful façade of green and yellow that was discoloring.

Good luck, new Brazil!

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