The Education as an agent for career change

por The Winners
Fátima Abud, Director of Continuing Education
at Competency of Brazil

At the moment we have been living in a scenario where people talk about changes and reinvent activities and behaviors to adapt to the new realities,a lot of professionals from the most diverse areas are looking for alternatives and preparing for a new era, that is, post-covid-19.

If we think in time, we can say that the 16th century was a time of profound transformations in the world view to the western man.It was a time of true passion for discoveries. In the philosophical and scientific field the uncertainties could not result from partial corrections.

Descartes through the reason used the mathematics is an exemplary way for the recovery of scientific certainty. Today is not different. In the social isolation many creative leisure takes place to keep us active and looking for alternatives in social networks that can be in an informative way as giving lectures, musicals, courses, among others.

In this way we can say that the word change carries a stigma of resistance and initially is ridiculed in any situation. Then, it is refused and finally is followed by the majority as self-evidence.

As an example, we can mention what has been happening with universities all over the world that opted for the continuity of classes in virtual way than traditional way. The same has been happening with the companies. The
“home-office”work is a great ally of all.At same time it has been contributing to the opportunity to reinvent itself
and contribute to the maintenance of employment.

In a global environment, where the traditional pyramid of corporate structures was invaded by technology, competition and the decrease of structure, it is occupied and divided with megafusions too. The company that has the best experience conditions and is update,that invests in courses and activities which increase its culture and knowledge, creativity and a global view of the market has the best chances when it has the 5 important steps:Trainee, Employee, Executive, businessman and Entrepreneur.

The search for knowledge and learning, makes us feel like a permanent student. It is the creative process in action and what differs from one another is the way it is made.

How does it start?

Today the number of companies that are looking for Higher Education Institutions has been growing, in order to enter into agreements that facilitate access to education for their employees. These Institutions are adapting theirselves to the reality of the market. They have been hiring qualified professionals and they has been making international agreements, in order to meet their partners. Even though, we know that some of these agreements are only for formalities.

It can be said that the big capital to be invested is not the money, but knowledge, information, relationships, in order to have a salable product in the national and international market. The person who cares about career and wants success in the job market, does not stop,I mean, the person has to study because the constant updating of knowledge can provide a differential in the curriculum and it creates opportunities for professional advancement.

The postgraduate courses have been revolutionizing the market, where they can offer content that effectively meets the demand of organizations and theirs parties, they have been including international modules, where the participant has the opportunity to internationalize the career.

The beginning of contacts with the foreign market can be done through International Seminars, Congresses, Symposia, Workshops, Courses and others. Besides that, the person can participate in lectures on various current topics with innovative and recycled information, visit companies, live with different cultures and networking too.

When you attend a postgraduate course with a International Module or a International Seminar you can think about future and then have a International career and makes the difference in a competitive global world.

In this context, the GCSM University took the lead and created the Corporate University, which with the deregulation of education it will prioritize the relationship and approximation between organizations for the training of its employees with differentiated training to serve all sectors of the this training will be carried out with postgraduate courses and it will include national and international modules, including technical visits, where participants will be able to acquire up-to-date information
to be shared with their companies and they will receive a certificate of participation too.

This process is called “Career without Frontiers”where the career is a process that takes time to be formed. It must be noted that a career is not the same as a job. The career is long and lasting and not just a mere foundation and it’s different when you have remuneration every time period.

Every decision that we made in life and in some cases in professional life can influence career training. For this reason, it should not be understood as a difficult path, but as a sequence of positions and work performed by the individual. It is the way to reconcile personal and organizational development.

The word frontier by definition, is the distance between two distinct parts, for example, two countries, two states, two municipalities. In this way, the Career without Frontiers can be understood as a sequence of positions and work carried
out by the individual, for personal and professional development, where the limit doesn’t matter.It is the search for national and international excellence of the individual’s curriculum.

The restricted view of professional development alternative can cause a individual lack of opportunity in the company and in the competitive market world. According to Robert Defillipi, Michael Arthur and Denise Rosseau, the know-why competence (as we identify our own motivation and relation with the career), is what really differentiates the construction of the Career without Frontiers from the traditional model. And this is where people need to understand the reasons for working and making sense of their personal and professional lives.

The importance of National and International Certificates

It is important to mention, before say about the importance of national and international certificates, some important concepts that will facilitate your understanding of the subject.

During the national or international seminar, we have an event going on, creating a sense of a straight line throughout the theme. It consists of presentations of themes and authorities on the subject. At the end of the event, a certificate of participation is granted to people registered and who participated in the pre-determined schedule. The importance of participating in an event of this nature is linked to the construction of a career.

The National or International Seminar on Career

Here are some items that will drive you to attend a seminar these days: It can update and enrich the academic and professional curriculum; It develops new skills: it promote professional and academic networking; it promote can inspire you by the contente presented for creation of new projects and businesses; it can become you more competitive in the national and international market; it can promote a strategic remuneration to your professional and personal development.

Although it looks like a formality, the certificates of participation in seminars are necessary, as they will make your curriculum more competitive. They are essential for those who want an academic or professional career as a teacher or to participate in selection processes that require those titles.

After when a person have these kinds of experiences, there will be changes in professional career.The changes in activities and behaviors will have to be adapted to post covid-19 realities.

After I have had participated in many events of this nature, I can say with conviction that is through Education that we will reach a balanced and more human world. The world has evolved.If you want to be balanced you have to participate in all the things that are around you. If you don’t participate of this evolution you probably will be out of the competitive world.

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