The challenges of development

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The great challenges of development, in Brazil and in the world, involve analyzes of very similar dimensions. Economic, social, technological and innovation dimension, internal and international communication, external relations and, last, but not least, political-institutional. This last, is the one that moves the planet the most! Why did I decide to write this editorial with this theme? For a simple fact: we are facing a huge and profitable period of coexistence with progress, with changes, in everything and in all areas.

Also read in this issue an interview with Paulo Barbosa – a young man, just 39 years old, a determined public manager in his second term, showing that YES, it is possible to change and transform an entire city with an interactive model of applied management.

Santos becomes a model metropolis. It’s a sign of new times! There was, in the recent past, an enormous fear of speaking of politics and politicians, of life and of its movements. New winds.

Have a good reading.

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