Serra Catarinense: Good wines and fine landscapes

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Matéria escrita por Gil Karlos Ferri
Researcher Global Environmental History and
coordinator of the Case History & Vitiviniculture

In the case of wines, the brand new world is the Serra Catarinense. Increasingly, the fine and sparkling wines produced in the terroir of altitude of Santa Catarina are conquering quality, appreciators and international fame. Wine tourism is also gaining strength in this region, attracting visitors to enogastronomic experiences full of new sensations.

In Serra Catarinense, the experience of tasting good wines is enriched by the exuberance of landscapes with mountains, araucarias, fields and vineyards that represent a unique attraction worldwide. Have you thought about harmonizing wines with landscapes? To that end, I have prepared some wine and wine tips with unforgettable scenarios.


Pericó Vigneto (2013)

This Sauvignon Blanc has a bright yellow straw color, aroma with notes of wild fruits (uvaia and yellow araçá), melon and grapefruit peel. It harmonizes well with serrano cheese and fish, especially the trouts of the cold and clear waters of the region. The Pericó Valley, where the vineyards were implanted, in São Joaquim, is one of the most snow-populated locations in the country.

Thera Rosé (2016)

Produced with Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, it features notes of red fruits, citrus and floral touches. Its balanced acidity reveals a pleasant minerality, typical aspect of the wines of the mountain region of Santa Catarina. The Thera winery, located near the BR-282 in Bom Retiro, has winebar and event space, built in harmony with the landscape between fields, lakes and araucaria forests.

Villa Francioni Dilor (2009)

Produced with Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot grapes, it has a ruby-red color and vivid violet reflections. Complex aroma with notes of black fruit, cherry and spices. The harmonization can be done with red meat or game, served with seasoned sauces. Villa Francioni, located near the city of São Joaquim, is
considered one of the most beautiful wineries in the world. Almost always open, the Villa is an obligatory stop for visitors who seek a first contact with the wines of the mountain region.

Hiragami Torii (2008)

Cabernet Sauvignon wine ruby in color, with purplish and purple reflections, and aroma of fresh fruits, blackberries and plums. Accompany well pasta, cheeses and meats like lamb. The Hiragami winery is an enterprise with Japanese origins, installed in São Joaquim.

Villaggio Conti Conti Tutto (2017)

Conti Tutto wine is an assemblage of two Italian grape varieties, which expresses the good aromatic intensity of the Sangiovese grape and the structural complexity of the Montepulciano grape. Relaxed wine to gather friends, loosen the tongue and “tell everything” around a table. Still under construction in the Pericó Valley, in São Joaquim, the winery is being built with alternative and sustainable materials. Villaggio Conti wines can also be tasted and purchased at the Vini di Altezza winebar on the Pedra Branca sidewalk in Palhoça, SC.

Abreu Garcia Chardonnay (2014) 

A maximum expression of Planalto Catarinense, the Abreu Garcia Chardonnay wine is chromatically light yellow with subtle greenish tones. With aromas that pass from the floral to the fruity, the passage through oak barrels gave the wine a balanced woody taste and a lot of personality. The Abreu Garcia winery, located in Campo Belo do Sul, with access by BR-282, has a personalized wine-tasting and wine-tasting and a secular archaeological site near the vineyards.

Villaggio Bassetti Ana Cristina (2015)

Varietal 100% Pinot Noir with a year of passage in French oak barrels. Fruity, soft and velvety, reddish and intense, aromas of delicate red fruits. This wine proves that the altitude of Serra Catarinense is quite appropriate for the
elaboration of elegant and complex wines with this caste, considered one of the noblest in the world. The Villaggio Bassetti winery, located in São Joaquim, is the only one of the region with asphalted roads between its vineyards.

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