São Paulo driving the tourism and events production chain

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Article writer by Raul Sulzbacher, Chairman of the Board of Fundação 25 de Janeiro

Thus, was born Fundação 25 de Janeiro, a not-forprofit entity supported by the private sector, whose purpose is to develop the destination and augment the flow of visitors by bringing domestic and international events, training for hospitality professionals and promoting the State’s attributes, infrastructure, and attractions.

Nowadays, the Foundation works with the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau brand, focusing on researching and prospecting congresses, trade shows, symposia and conferences in Brazil and worldwide with decision-makers in order to bring events both in the capital and cities in the interior; and VISITE SÃO PAULO brand, whose priority is to offer our visitors a great welcome.

New events are driving an entire production chain of the economy, consisting of the traders, convention centers, accommodation, organizers, assemblers, food service, printing companies, agencies, airline companies, airports, tourist guides and much more.

According to UBRAFE, the Brazilian Union of Trade Show Promoters, the annual turnover from holding trade shows in São Paulo alone exceeds R$16 billion. São Paulo has a top-tier structure of suppliers and is top of the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) ranking as the number 1 city in Brazil for holding international conferences. 

Nevertheless, the success of a meeting is also intimately connected with how it integrates with the host destination. So much so that, besides rendering the event operational, the participants boost the experience and the economy of the destination by visiting museums, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and theme parks, etc.

On this point, shopping takes center stage -, after all, São Paulo is a shopper’s paradise. In the capital itself, there are shopping malls recognized worldwide for their international standard for consumers of all profiles, as well as specialized streets for a wide range of tastes and budgets.

It launches and mirrors the leading trends in fashion, decoration, technology, gifts, gastronomy, jewelry and much more. Shopping, eating, visiting, having fun and sleeping, verbs which when combined with government and private sector initiatives, contribute to further boosting the economy, creating new opportunities, jobs, and income.

In an effort to promote São Paulo, whether as a destination for leisure, business or events, the state government, through the Department of Tourism, has launched an advertising campaign São Paulo Para Todos (São Paulo for Everyone), in which ABEAR (the Brazilian Association of Airline Companies) and VISITE SÃO PAULO have agreed with the proposal for participating in the campaign, aligning and joining forces to publicize the tourism aspects of our State. Other entities of the State Tourism Council have also signed up to the proposal. 

The outcome of this movement is the launch of the site visitsp.tur.br, a content platform that has come into being with over 100 original itineraries within the state, endorsed by all campaign communication vehicles in order to measure the results and offer directed tourism products and services as a modern and functional hub where visitors can find everything they need to experience the destination.

The bottom line is a huge invitation to enjoy São Paulo. Whether you are a visitor, an inhabitant of the state, here on business or for leisure. We are home to the gastronomy of Brazil and the world, the leading brands in Brazilian and international fashion, the capital city of trends, with its universe of culture and diversity and the stage for the best shows.

Come to São Paulo! After all, in São Paulo everything is great!

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