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Precious stones originating from Brazil. The force of nature in natural gemstones and noble gold

Detelle Jewelry was born from the fascination for what is at the same time natural, precious, and unique: minerals. Inspired by the slow design movement, where artisanal production is the basis for more conscious consumption, the brand creates unique, personalized jewelry where gemstones are the protagonists. All the pieces are developed with noble 18k gold, the stones are scientifically carved by geologists licensed for the practice and the setting is carried out under a microscope. The result? A fascinating shine. “Our jewels are amulets, and this is why we cherish stones that were not removed from war zones or where there are allegations of slave labor”, explains Jessica Garcia, founder of Detelle and the jeweler responsible for the brand’s products.

Wine Center EVOL Dual Zone 46 bottles

With two temperature zones, you can store wines of different types. For example, red wines stored at the bottom and white and rose wines at the top will thus be kept at their ideal drinking temperatures. • Command Type: Digital • Number of Zones: Two (Dual Zone)

• Door Finish: Double Glazing with stainless steel

• Interior Cabinet Color: Black

• Port Reversal: Yes

• Door with Key: No

• Lighting: White LED

• Temperature Range: 5°C to 20°C

• Internal Humidity Range: RH 65%

• Product Dimensions: 595 x 820 x 578mm

• Power: 80w • Current: 0.7A / 0.5A

• Voltage: 127 or 220V

• Frequency: 60hz

• Climate Class: T (Tropical)

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