President Getúlio Vargas’ tailor

por The Winners

By the age of 81, Zé Raymundo had worked beautifully as a tailor, involved with sewing threads, for 60 years. He used to have an atelier in the neighborhood of Bela Vista, where he lived his life, started a family, made friends and many clients. Born in Calabria, Fuscaldo, Zé had a strong and firm character.

His friends would always say: “Zé, I need a suit for a wedding. Please, do your best!” And he would reply: If I do my best, it will get pricier. But take it easy! You will have a suit to wear even in the bride and groom’s child’s christening”. He was competent and had a sense of humor.

Clients such as Getúlio Vargas made him work happily his whole life. He started a family and had three children: Francisco, Renato and Cleide. “My father always taught us that work ennobles man, that the word given is worth more than a contract and that clients always deserve to be respected”, says Francisco Raymundo, his first born, now a successful entrepreneur who recalls his good times along with his father.

Nowadays, Francisco still keeps a sewing machine and others tailoring tools in his office. Married to Mrs. Carmen, Zé Raymundo was a person who believed in Brazil and was hoping to see a better country every year.

By the time all his three children graduated at university, he considered himself fulfilled.

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