People, life and the world

por Agostinho Turbian

This edition is especially filled with events and people. So we are: people, life and world. By the way, the world has never needed people so much to help it be a better place to live. Fortunately, everything goes in that direction. An example is the revolution in the banking world.

The arrival of new competitors such as digital banking, agile and 100% dedicated to the new world, helping us break a cartelized chain. Another encouraging sign is the tourism sector, which can quickly insert and introduce people and resources into a huge production chain.

For this reason, the GCSM holds in November of this year the 4th FBT – Brazilian Tourism Forum. Employment and income in the vein of society.

For no other reason, Geraldo Alckmin, an experienced public manager and four times governor of the state of São Paulo, chose the theme – Tourism as a source of peoples’ integration – generating development or “the new name of peace” in his lecture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt in Cairo on the occasion of WOCA 2019, so good reading and see you soon.

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