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When working with events, we need to keep in mind that in addition to the intellectual and structural skills that the market demands, we must remember that we are making dreams come true! We fulfill wishes in various dimensions, intensities and budgets. Regardless of the size of the dream, it is up to us to make this experience the most memorable!

The biggest challenge today is meeting and surprising the audience, which has an increasinging demand of expectations, and often had the most amazing experiences in the most exotic and unexpected places. In addition to that, we need to think innovatively to deliver something amazing and different! We recently took a group of approximately 200 people to Vancouver, Canada.

The public was already used to international travel, so we prioritized services with unique and exclusive experiences. For example, we promoted dinner in an art gallery; in addition to this immersive experience, we photographed the guests and during the closing cocktail and dinner they could check their portraits displayed in the gallery, along with the artwork. In this same trip to Canada, we organized the experience of private seaplane flights to the Island of Victoria, an exclusive experience that surprised the participants. 

On the other hand, we understand that when working with events we deal with various emotions and experiences, we must remember that, besides being effective in logistics, food, lodging, tours and experiences in general, we must reach the emotions! This means attending to each guest exclusively, so that he understands that every detail, as simple as it may seem, was designed to enchant him, and that we value every emotion to be experienced!

We are passionate about stimulating our guests with all five senses while hosting an event, appreciate the most spectacular sceneries, taste the local typical cuisine, touch the snowflakes falling on the skin or feel the beach breeze, enjoy the local music and smell the typical aromas of each region, whether from the food, the scent the hotel exhales or the regional wine. In this way we guarantee that the experience will be forever in the memory of the participants, the so called affective memory.

Recently, we worked with a group from a large retail chain that rewarded its employees with a trip to Zurich, Switzerland. Many of these guests had never left Brazil or traveled by plane. And observing the enchantment of this first journey, the fear of the first takeoff, the first snow or the first souvenir bought for a family member, is something that moves us forward every day in search of the best possible event delivery.

The increasingly competitive and demanding marketplace requires from the incentive travel service providers more than flawless logistics management. The market constantly reminds us that we live in the age of emotions, empowerment, inclusion, creativity and, above all, innovation!

Nilda Mozzoni Pappas e Konstantinos Pappas, diretora e diretor da Incentivare Eventos & Turismo

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