May 9 -Victory Day

por The Winners
Yury Lezgintsev, Consul General of Russia in São Paulo

May 9 is Victory Day, a public holiday in Russia. This sacred date has become a symbol of pride and glory, courage and bravery, inseparable union and unity of our people. Since the spring of 1945, 75 years have passed, several generations have grown up, but the memory of the glori-ous Motherland defenders, who at the price of immense sacrifices and losses defeated Nazism, will never lose their importance. In a memorable May 1945, when the long-awaited word “Victory” was finally announced, the whole world celebrated the end of the enslavement machine and the elimination of various peoples.

The Soviet Union took the strongest blow from fascists, who concentrated three-quarters of their forces on the Eastern Front.The fight against Nazism reached all Soviet people. Patriotism, love and loyalty to the homeland, and historical values have become the most powerful base and a strong foundation for millions of people. Never before in history had such unity, brotherhood and faith in victory been seen.

It should be noted that this same feat by all the people defined the outcome of World War II, brought liberation not only to our country, but to the entire world. The Red Army expelled invaders from their land, freed prisoners (like those of Auschwitz), and fought the enemy in their own camp!But “Victory” cost a lot: 26.6 million dead.

No family was spared of war tragedy.Every year we deepen our understanding of this power-ful unparalleled moral feat and the eternal value and triumph against Nazism. We will forever keep in our hearts the memory of the he-roes who did not spare their lives for the sake of freedom and the achievement of a peaceful future that each of us can now enjoy. We will never forget their courage and self-sacrifice, and the great price paid for “Victory”.

The memory of the Great Pa-triotic War and the truth about it are part of our conscience and our responsibility. Today, we see how several countries are de-liberately distorting war events and how those who, forgetting honor and human dignity, served the Nazis, are now being glori-fied, and how they shamelessly lie to their children and betray their ancestors.Our sacred duty is to protect true heroes.

We bow to all veterans of the winning generation. We will always honor everyone and glorify “Victory”, which has always been and remains one for all of us.Victory Day is the day of our pride and sorrow, our boundless gratitude to the peacekeepers who crushed Nazism. It is for this Victory that the Allied forces fought and worked, they rose as an unyielding fortress in the fire of battles.

A historical and social movement known as “Immortal Regiment” became an important part of this process of preserving the memory of the Great Patriotic War heroes. We are happy to see that here in Brazil this movement grows and strengthens every year with the participation of compatriots, representatives of the people who won the war, and descendants of the brave heroes of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force.

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