José Roberto Maluf´s celebration

por The Winners

Last April 8th, in the sophisticated Figueira Rubaiyat, a couple of close friends got together to celebrate the anniversary of the businessman Dr. José Roberto Maluf.

Friends like Raul Sulzbacher, Toni Sando, George Niemeyer, JBO, Ana Quirino, Cesar Romão, Luiz Alberto, Mathê Vilela, Maria Ignez and Luis Maluf expressed some words to the birthday honoree of the day.

“It was a very special moment, because hugging a person like José Roberto, is a huge pleasure. He is a formidable human being. A true friend of friends,” said Agostinho Turbian.

“I am thrilled and grateful to everyone for the surprise, I’m not worthy of everything that was said here, but I thank you all for the kindness,” said José Roberto joyful with the gathering.

José Roberto Maluf with Maria Ignez and friends
Ana Regina Bicudo, Núbia Lentz, Patrícia Iglecias, Maurício Eugênio e Luis Maluf. Ana Quirino, Thiago Turbian, Stephan and Silvia Meili
Eduardo Marson, José Roberto Maluf, Antonio Claret, Gustavo Schulbacher and Agostinho Turbian

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