Humanistic capitalism and technological innovation revitalizes the Smar brand

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The Smar brand, with local presence in 55 countries, on all continents, reinvigorates its influence and restores leadership in the generation and validation of technologies for industrial automation

Libanio Carlos de Sousa

CEO of Nova Smar S / A, electronic engineer at ITA, acts in the definition of standards with international bodies such as FieldComm Group and Open Process Automation Forum

Nova Smar S/A was created during one of the biggest recessions in the country, facing a long period of difficulties of the brand in the national and international market, with doubts about the continuity of the product line and fears of technological delay at the time when Industry 4.0 was emerging . In a courageous action by the judiciary and the judicial administration, the company’s management was placed in the hands of former employees, representing the main strengths of the company: a representative of the technological innovation sector (35 years of experience), a representative of the commercial sector (25 years of experience) and a factory representative, appointed by the union (12 years of experience). The Directors work together so that the balance of these forces demonstrates that capital and labor can operate in harmony in the production of wealth and in the growth of organizations.

Human Capital our greatest asset

From the beginning, actions were taken with a focus on valuing people. The company was born with a career plan, positions and salaries based on Y development, and structured in kernels: administrative, industrial, technology and intelligence. The last includes positions related to the production of knowledge and innovation, a differential factor of the Smar brand. The salary structure comes from market research and the retention of talents is due to the organizational climate and the participation in the results, as a result of increased productivity and the results of the business carried out. Nova Smar, as a Closed Capital Company, has in its corporate governance the valuation of transparency as an element of conquering the trust of the market, employees and business partners. It is a fundamental factor for maintaining the organizational climate and the best way to combat disinformation. Transparency, being something abstract and easily questionable, was materialized through an information portal with totems distributed by the company in which monthly accounts, minutes and presentations of the weekly management meetings are made available. Management’s plans are presented to all employees and accompanied by leaders at good practice meetings. Information reduces the distance between capital, represented by the company’s management, and the workforce, represented by employees. In this way, synergy aimed at the growth of the organization and at increasing business productivity is sought.

SMAR Technology Company

In these 3 years of existence, the company’s revenue has grown by more than 80%, with a 12% increase in the number of employees and a 105% increase in productivity. The company regained its brand recognition as a technology supplier and positioned itself as a “SMAR Technology Company” in its marketing campaigns. Its technical team actively participates in the definition and validation of new technologies in the industrial automation sector discussed in international organizations, such as that in 2020, the company’s functional block technology became a worldwide implementation reference for the international standard defined by the Open Process Automation Forum. In January 2021, employees chose as the feat of 2020 the “Quick and effective response from the company to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among employees” and the “Implantation of the food card”, among more than 165 achievements pointed out by contributors. The choice of the Achievement of the Year is the materialization of the importance that management and employees give to the dissemination and appreciation of all the Company’s Achievements.

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