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Located on the beautiful Muro Alto Beach, 9 kilometers from Porto de Galinhas and 54 kilometers from Recife, the Nannai is in an Atlantic Forest reserve surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves, and has the privilege of having the sea in front of it, protected by reefs, forming a natural pool of warm and crystalline waters. Due to its innovative and elegant experience, Nannai has become a landmark in national hospitality, with strict principles of preserving nature and local culture. Its bungalows have exclusive pools, which communicate throughout the hotel, forming 6.000 square meters of water, a labyrinth that stirs the imagination.

In this aquatic paradise, activities abound to entertain. Leisure, sports and services are taken seriously, always respecting the preference of guests, with programming in the pool, bar, sea and kids’ space. And to assist the beginner to the advanced, from the curious to the heavy user, from the child to the adult, it has a team of competent professionals. Another attraction is the spa, one of the largest in Latin America under the tutelage of elegant brand, L’occitane. Here, as a welcome card, a reception is made with kindness and treats, such as dried fruits and teas. Multiple revitalizing massages, drains, exfoliation, facials are available with original ingredients and proven by L’ocittane, such as Nannai Signature. Another attraction of the hotel that resembles a beach “duty free” is the Nannai boutique, which surprises by the curatorship of national and international brands, its own brand, clothing and accessories. With two stations, one in the lobby and the main, next to the spa. The beach boutique is a walk in itself.


Flavors, aromas and secrets

Gastronomy is an important part of Nannai culture. It mixes the regional and the international, with grace and inventiveness, without forgetting the extreme care with the ingredients, the freshness and the way of preparation, thus revealing the sustainable profile of the hotel, regarding nature and relationships. Family recipes and the secrets of the oven and the stove serve the most refined palates. The delicacies served in the Nannai restaurant feature seafood and other creations, such as Beijo Caboclo, which can only be tasted there and the preparation is kept under lock and key. If you are on the beach, enjoying the sun and sea, a good tip is to try the fish, weighing up to 10 kilos, roasted in salt and served by a qualified staff.

Tropical rest

Accommodation at Nannai Alto is a separate chapter. The accommodations were designed and integrated with tropical architecture. There are nine units – apartments with Sea and Garden View; Master Bungalows, Sea Shore, Sea and Garden Views; and Villa suite – with different sizes, from 45 to 130 square meters, idealized with comfort and elegance in the right measure. The Master Bungalow, the largest of all Nannai accommodations, is an unbelievable duplex in which the beautiful decor favors local crafts and interacts with the surroundings, such as the balcony overlooking the sea, an outdoor pool with gazebo and sun lounger and indoor with hydromassage. Downstairs, suite with twin beds, soaking tub, pantry and naturally lit room. On the upper floor, one of the surprises is the bathroom with an external bath and shower, allowing you to look at the sea. And to celebrate this special spot, a wine cellar invites you to toast. There are only two Master bungalows created for those who insist on total tranquility. Another example, not less charming, is the Villa Suite, which resembles a private villa, extremely attractive. The integrated bedroom and balcony bring a sense of continuity. There are 90 meters square, with solar energy heated swimming pool, whirlpool and gazebo. In the double bedroom, super king bed and cellar. The master bathroom has two showers: one indoor and one outdoor, in addition to the soaking tub. The Villa Suite also has a reserved space, with a sofa bed, mini pantry and a second bathroom. A completely fascinating home.

Sustainable Tourism

The concept of Nannai Muro Alto is to build its history by integrating itself into the community in which it is placed, from choosing the décor to valuing culture and protecting the environment to human development. A serious and committed view of sustainable tourism, which looks at the whole. Porto de Galinhas is right next door. The fishing village, with raft rides in the preserved mangrove, colorful fish and sea horses in the natural pools, in addition to irresistible regional cuisine, has become an important tourist hub, with several attractions for travelers. With ethics, transparency and respect, Nannai, for many of its visitors, is its own destination, a world apart.

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