For a good entrepreneur, half opportunity is enough

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Carlos Renato Seabra de Almeida, Director of Polo Europa of Competency do Brasil

There is a Brazilian well-known phrase that says: “a word to the wise is enough”. In other words, those who remain attentive are able to perceive, in apparently simple situations, implicit messages of great importance.

Our intention, with this article, is to explore and disseminate the significant results achieved with the 1st International Business and Career Internationalization Seminar, held in Lisbon between November 13th and 21st, 2019, organized by Competency do Brasil. A few months after its completion, we to reap the rewards of that initiative.

It was a period of relevant learning, intense exchanges and enriching experiences, in which the participants had the opportunity to delve into current and important themes.

We carried out the Digital Transformation Course at IST – Universidade de Lisboa, conducted technical visits to Sant’Anna Factory and to Riberalves Industry, renowned and successful Portuguese companies, and also promoted business roundtables in which, through individual presentations, the participants made themselves known and their companies.

In addition, we made interesting tourist excursions to the Óbidos’ City, one of the most picturesque and preserved medieval villages in Portugal, to the notable Fátima’ Sanctuary, and the renowned winery “Casa Ermelinda Freitas”, where it was possible to visit, in a didactic and unique way, all the production process of its wines, worldwide
champions in several events.

As a result, we were able to see the fruitful interplay between everyone (executives, businessmen and members of the government from Brazil, Portugal, Angola and the USA), that, with great enthusiasm, committed themselves to the various activities that we carried out.

It was a week of intense immersion that, above all, provided precious occasion to acquire new knowledge and establish a valuable network, fostering careers and opening up new business opportunities and personal and professional growth.

The world is going through a moment of enormous transformation (and we are not talking about the coronavirus), so in order to remain up-to-date and being able to present a factor that makes a difference to the market it became indispensable the constant acquisition of new knowledge and the observation of the state of the art businesses by those who want to stay competitive.

Unfortunately, it is not enough that we simply accept new challenges, we have to hunt it. In order to identify the favorable occasions that will allow us to evolve professionally and that represent the opportunity to achieve a competitive edge, we need to be vigilant and recognize new business opportunities that could once go unnoticed.

The harsh reality that we are experiencing today is that there are many good professionals and two extremely important factors directly affecting their lives: luck, regardless of the will of one’s person, and the opportunities that are offered to them, which are not always, made explicit and that do not appear for everyone and at all times.

In this context, we believe that this first Seminar held in Lisbon (which we intend to continue in 2020), represented a special opportunity for each of the participants to achieve the objectives we set ourselves. Thus, we were able to strengthen and internationalize careers, while also promoting the knowledge (and recognition) of the Portuguese market, in order to break new business frontiers for organizations.

In the end, we considered that it was possible to offer, in this universe of choices, not only half opportunity but a special one for those who intend to become good and successful entrepreneurs.

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