FAESP Rural Worker Honor Medal – 2015 – Fábio de Salles Meirelles

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Solemnity Dinner of Granting Medal of Merit “The Sower, Man of Field”

Always smiling and enthusiastic, the president of the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock in the State of São Paulo, founder and creator of the Medal of merit “The Sower, Man of Field” made absolute matter of greeting all the guests at the door of ‘França buffet’ where the ceremony was held. “To greet everyone on the arrival was a friendly way of thanks I have chosen for this important event of our organization” said Dr. Fabio de Salles Meirelles. “The Sower, is the basis of humanity, it is not only agricultural production that ensures our existence, but also to spread the word and teachings of God.

In this spiritual context, from the earliest biblical references, like the parable of the sower and the lessons learned from the story of the farmer Cain and shepherd Abel, is highlighted the importance of the sower in the multiplication of faith, values and principles such as dignity, fraternity, generosity and solidarity, AIMAGES GrEGory GrIGorAGI EBM which should guide our path of life,” added the president.

The man of the field is the largest and most legitimate sower as he faces stubbornly adversity and climatic conditions to enable the growth of the agricultural sector, key link that allows the supply of a society in constant progress as well as the consolidation of agribusiness that it is the main pillar of Brazil’s socioeconomic development.

The choice of the name “The Sower – Man of Field” is a tribute and recognition to the millions of men and women who work in the field, producing food and wealth for the strengthening of nations. Moreover, it is also an appreciation to all the men and women who sow ethics and justice; and seeking progress and great achievements of civilization.

It is with this selfless and meaningful spirit, as knowledgeable of the rural areas and on agricultural leadership of the State of São Paulo, with the approval of our board of FAESP and subsequent ratification of the General Assembly of the organization, I have decided to create the award represented by the medal of merit “The Sower – Man of Field.”

The result of a moment of sublime inspiration of ours, the medal symbolizes a lifetime accolade, given to personalities who outshine in their fields and who, like the man of the field, sow virtues and qualities that transform and integrate Brazilian society.

Finally, he stressed, “this Commendation has the firm intention to recognize the value of the rural, genuine sower, who, with his unshakeable faith, can coordinate and overcome the great difficulties of farming a Tropical Country.

“Plant, Grow and Harvest Peace” (FSM) The ceremony was attended by over 700 guests, presidents of organizations representing several sectors, among them, SECoVI, TJSP, CrECI, ANEFAC, ABrAMET, SEBrAE-SP, ACSP, public and private authorities, executive and legislative power, besides the representatives of the agricultural sector of the State of São Paulo, represented by board FAESP and SENAr, among others.

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