Dear friends and readers

por Agostinho Turbian

There is one thing I am sure; 2019 was a lightning year in comparison to the previous year. The numerous events here in Brazil and around the world have had an instant impact on people’s lives. This is due to the power of the internet and social media, which gives us a sense of real presence in all facts.

We are already a large global village. There are no more borders between countries, languages and cultures!

This fantastic tool that is WhatsApp, multiplied each of us in many. Our 8760 annual hours, yield at least four times more. Take a look and evaluate the speed of the answers and the processes of work you started to have with this communication tool, and see if I overreacted. However, the problem is that we become more efficient and less emocional.

For this reason we are here, again with another The Winners full of subjects and events that define our passion for the human being and his achievements.

The news now is our own arrival in the advance digital world. To give us strength in this start, Gilberto da Silva (friend of many years) engineer specialized in assembly of industrial factories for large companies such as Bosch and Philips. Currently, as Director of Market and Digital Intelligence of Innsbruck Group, the executive will lead the construction of human, corporate and communication connections factory. Welcome our friend Gilberto.

Enjoy your reading!

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