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More than the party that promotes the city to Brazil and for the world,its geographic position, infrastructure and economic potential, put Barretos as a true barn for new business and totally forward looking.

A good example are the recent investments of CPFL Paulista, energy company that amplified the capacity of energy substation in Barretos through contributions of almost 4 million reais only in the first semester of 2019.

The resources were also directed to the connection of new consumers and installation of more efficient technologies. Seeking for constant improvement if the services offered to the population , the CPFL Paulista invested exactly in the expansion, maintenance and modernization of energy network distribution, that supplies Barretos region.

Ready to Take Off

Other essential tool for economic and touristic development of any city and region it’s the Infrastructure and air mesh. That way, from this month onward, the Air department of Sao Paulo State started to authorize small planes flights in Barretos, at the Chafei Amsei Municipal Airport.

Therefore, Daesp begins the project of the air mesh amplification of Sao Paulo Interior and launches small size aircrafts flights at the Barretos Airport. The Operation, accomplished from the beggining of October, it’s commanded by Gol Airlines in partnership with Two Flex company, that will also attend the City Franca.

According to the Superintendent Director of Daesp, Antonio Claret de Oliveira, the goals aim to stimulate and amplify the numbers of flights between the cities, creating connections and facilitating regional development. “ We’ll increase the connectivity between cities and potecialize interior tourism. Small size aircraft flights have got, along with their advantages, economy of time and money for the population”. The plan to use small size aircraft represents a viable alternative to boost the flight’s availability until all the airports are ready, with all the necessary updates, to receive bigger aircraft’s also.

At Barretos, the announcement for the Aircraft runway and yard repair services were published on September 25, with an estimated investment of R$ 3.3 million. Besides, soon will be published the announcements for the remaining construction, that includes the passenger terminal reform and revitalization of the night beacon. In total, DAEDP predicts an investment of 5$ million.

Chafei Amsei Airport

The airport of Chafei Amsei was administrated by DAESP from 1978 until 2012. On December 2012, attending the solicitation from Barretos City Hall with the authorization of the Civil Aviation Secretary granted it’s management to the City hall that became fully responsible for the respective administration and maintenance.

The Right Moment

In mid-August, during a visit to Barretos, where he was welcomed by Mayor Guilherme Ávila and the president of The Independents, Ricardo Bodinho, Governor João Doria signed authorization for the Secretary of State for Regional Development to conclude an agreement with the Municipality of Barretos, for the purpose of transferring financial resources in the amount of R$ 5 million, which will be destined for asphalt resurfacing and authorization for the Secretary of State of Health, aiming at the conclusion of an agreement with Santa Casa, with the purpose of transferring financial resources in the amount of R$ 1 million.

The governor also signed a document providing recognition and recommendation of best practices and animal welfare CNAR (Confederação Nacional do Rodeio). The mayor Guilherme Ávila thanked to Governor for the release of R$ 6 Million and for the rodeo support.

The Governor, confirmed the Pawn Party as the main event in Sao Paulo State calendar, enhancing which is the biggest event in the southern hemisphere of the planet. “ There’s nothing similar below the Equator line of such magnitude”.

After the agreements signing, the Governor and the Secretary Vinicius Lummertz won gift hats which were delivered by Mayor Guilherme Ávila and the Secretary of Barretos Tourism, Adriano Santos. Then they attended a dinner where was served the “Queima do Alho” intangible heritage of Brazilian Culture. Then headed to Rodeo Stadium where the Pawn Party schedule was followed.

At site was exhibited an institutional video of São Paulo Campaign for All, which is part a private public investment to foster tourism in the State.

Placidino Station
Divino Espirito Santo Cathedral
Guilherme Ávila, Major of Barretos

Education and Medicine Pole

With an economy based on activities connected to Agribusiness, the city also has an excellent sector of trade and services. Therefore, Barretos expands it’s industrial park and invests on the development of tourism and education as employment and income generation actors. Barretos also has an extremely important reference in health care, the cancer hospital, today’s called of “Amor” Hospital.

There’re hundreds of doctors that work full time with exclusive dedication making an average of 4 thousand medical care on over 20 specialties by the single health system (SUS).

The positive exposure and the presence of great names of medicine, fosters the young people in their quest for high level training, worth of mention that the city has 94,1% of literate population, approximately 83 thousand people, children and adults.

In the area of training, Barretos offers more than 50 higher courses, scenario composed by institutions as the University Center of Educational Foundation of Barretos – UNIFEB, Barretos College, FISO – Integrated colleges Soares de Oliveira, ISEB – Barretos Higher Institute of Education and Tec High School.

In January of this year, the Governor of Sao Paulo, João Doria, announced the cession to Paula Souza Center of the terrain located in Agrotech Park for the implementation of the first Fatec (Tecnology College) on the municipality that was an old request from the population.

The terrain belongs to the town hall. The region counts with three Etecs (State Technical School) situated in Barretos, Bebedouro and Olímpia with only on Fatec in Bebedouro.

Barretos Acquapark

Tourist Stay

During the plenary of the second meeting of AMITESP (Association of Municipalities of Tourist Interest of the State of Sao Paulo), held early August on the Barretos Country Resort & Conventions, the Mayor Guilherme Ávila claimed the “ranking” for classification of municipalities of tourist interest and resorts.

The request was made directly to the current Governor, Rodrigo Garcia. “The law exists and must be fulfilled to define the rising and falling cities. I am asking for justice, as many cities have a large audience, have a structure and are not yet recognized as a resort.” he mentioned.

“We have got all documents ready to make Barretos a resort town, and we’re making new projects with Comtur and awating the seal”, statment from the Municipal Secretary of Barretos Tourism, Adriano Santos, who enhanced the importance of the meeting of AMITESP in Barretos. “It’s a big honor for the city. We received more than 30 mayors, State Secretaries and authorities of such importance as Rodrigo Garcia, the current Governor”.

The president of AMITESP, Daniela Brito, said that diversity is in the county side. “It’s a great responsibility to represent the counties, but, together, we will make this sector stronger on every single aspect”.

The meeting was marked by the formation of the solemn table, that had the participation of Guilherme Ávila, Rodrigo Garcia, the president of AMITESP; the deputies Geninho Zuliani (federal), Sebastião Santos (state), secretaries of state, Vinícius Lumertz (Tourism), Marco Vinholi (Regional Development) and Marcos Penido (Infrastructure and Environment), Bob Santos.

The current governor preached that there’s the need of create combined strategies between all municipalities for the implementation of the Tourism Plan in the State of Sao Paulo, priorities should be established, tourism represents employment and income and, with no doubt, brings resources and wealth.

“Barretos has a big importance for the tourism of Sao Paulo and the Pawn Party it’s the ultimate proof of it. We left this meeting with demands and ideas for the governor Joao Doria to improve even more it’s management”, he stated

Acting Governor of the State of São Paulo, Rodrigo Garcia, attends the 2nd Ordinary Meeting of AMITESP Mayors in Barretos

Presidential Visit

On the 18th of August, the mayor Guilherme Ávila, invited by The Independents, received with the president of the association, Ricardo Bodinho, The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, at the Pawn Party, Pawn Party night programation participation.

President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, during the opening ceremony of the rodeo of the 64th Barretos Cowboy Pawn Party

The Big Party

The 64th edition of The Pawn Party of Barretos, that happens from 15th to 25th of August. Moved approximately 900 million reais with the tourism in 2019. Is what shows in research done by the Secretay of Tourism of Sao Paulo State. The public of the party this year was more than 800 thousand people. From this total, 58% were tourists.

Pawn Park

According to the survey, the average expense of the tourists in the city were R$ 2.345, in five days (average time of stay in the city). Within the main expenses of the tourists in Barretos, the main ones were with accommodation, transportation, food, shopping and leisure.

The major part of the visitors came from other cities from Sao Paulo State (27,3%), other states of Brazil (25%), and the cities around Barretos (5,4%).

“This research starts important historical series, for us to start working better, not only the party promotion, however the tourism as a whole. A sector that increased 7,7% from the first semester of this year in Sao Paulo, while the economy of the country walks on a side”, says the Secretary of Tourism from Sao Paulo State, Vinicius Lummertz.

The main tourist issuing states for the city were Sao Paulo (32,7%), Minas Gerais (13,6%), Paraná (2,5%), Rio de Janeiro (2%), Santa Catarina (2%) and Rio Grande do Sul (1,1%). Half of the present ones (50,2%) have been already more than five times in the party and 23,9% were visiting for the first time. More than half of the visitors chose to stay (53,4%) in the region, while 46,6% were doing a day trip. The majority stayed in Barretos, however 13,5% were in cities next to it (around 33 thousand people), showing the impact of the event in all the region.

“There is an important productive chain that benefits from the event: hotels, guest houses, restaurants, tourist attractions and other establishments that welcome visitors from all over, whom enjoy the Pawn Party and move the economy of the city expressively ”, ensures the Secretary.

Alongside Governor João Doria, Mayor Guilherme Ávila participates in the Barretos Cowboy Pawn Festival
Pawn Park Monument Jerome

The average grade given by the participants of the event were 8,9, being that 62,7% gave grade 10. The majority of the interviewed said they went to Barretos only for the party: around 90%. The other 10% looked for other activities, moving different services in the region (nightclubs, gastronomy, tourist attractions and others).

“The results show the positive impact of the party, not only in Barretos, but in 20 cities in the region, besides São José do Rio Preto, there is more than 100km away and Ribeirão Preto, on the other side is more 100km. We are talking about 200km distance between one city and the other, where there is direct impact in services of accommodation, hospitality, gastronomy, among others”, said the major of Barretos, Guilherme Ávila.

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