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Plaza Athénée Paris reopens its doors

Facade HotelAfter several months closed for renovations, the iconic Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris reopened its doors, bringing six new guestrooms, eight suites, a ballroom and two private rooms. Guests will be able do rediscover the cozy and refined apartments, as well as Alain Ducasse’s peerless cuisine, remaining the hotel’s soul, the passion, the knowhow and the elegance. Plaza Athénée is the Haute Couture hotel in Paris.

To François Delahaye, Dorchester Collection’s COO and Plaza Athénée’s General Manager, the renovation brings the hotel’s philosophy even closer to the Haute Couture concept. “Our establishment has a close relationship with the couture houses on Avenue Montaigne, not only through the bespoke services that we offer each of our guests, but also because we are closely connected to our employees, who may well be working behind the scenes but who are very much in the spotlight in keeping the Hotel running – similar to the seamstresses who work behind the scenes of a fashion show”, he states.

“The aim behind the expansion of Plaza Athénée is to continue the adventure started 100 years ago”, explains the Hotel’s general manager. With this in mind, the renovations of the hotel have strived to maintain the property’s Parisian essence whilst linking it to the world of Haute Couture. The Hotel’s motto ‘Once upon a time, the palace of tomorrow’ highlights two key elements.

Once upon a time’, recalls the beginning of the Hotel’s story, based first and foremost on respecting its heritage and where the essence of the Hotel lies. The Haussmannian architecture, the facade, the lobby, the wood panelling of Le Bar, La Galerie, the Alain Ducasse at Hotel Plaza Athénée restaurant, La Cour Jardin and Le Relais Plaza all feature on the list of historic places in Paris. The second part of the Hotel’s motto, ‘the palace of tomorrow’, looks to the future and considers how best to integrate the iconic palace into the modern world without betraying the heritage of the property.

2014 marks the beginning of a new era for the Plaza athénée with a renovation that not only embraces the past 100 years but looks to the future combining the classic with the contemporary. The project was carried out with the help of renowned designers and artists such as the architect Jean-Jacques Ory, who was responsible for extending the premises and the interior designer Bruno Moinard for the decoration of the communal. it is with this combined support that the Plaza athénée will remain an elegant and timeless destination offering guests an unforgettable experience.

Salon Haute CoutureThe communal areas

Alain Ducasse et Romain MederInternationally acclaimed interior designer Bruno Moinard was chosen by the Hotel to redesign the lobby, La galerie, La Cour Jardin, the Salon Organza (previously known as the Salon Marie-antoinette) and the new ballroom, named the Salon Haute Couture. in order to create a spectacular yet discreet atmosphere, without changing the Hotel’sconcept, Bruno Moinard has placed emphasis on a subtle silver colour scheme complementing the existing features of the Hotel highlighted by light effects, be they natural or electric.

When entering the lobby, guests will be instantly immersed by Haute Couture. Floral displays add to the welcoming atmosphere and are changed every week. in La galerie, famous throughout Paris for its desserts, Christophe Michalak and the pastry chef Jean-Marie Hiblot reveal their latest creation with a new take on teatime: “Le Goûter by Michalak”.

The private rooms have been considerably extended: the two previously existing rooms (Salon organza and Collection rooms) have been joined by a spacious ballroom (Salon Haute Couture), a warm space for “breaks”, along with two adjoining meeting rooms (Création rooms A & B) located on the upper floors of the Hotel.

“Today, luxury is found in detail, in the seam, the lining, in what remains unseen, in surprises. not in extravagance or overtly opulent décor”, highlights Bruno Moinard.

Guestrooms and suites

For the restoration of some of the guestrooms and suites, the Hotel chose the decorator Marie-José Pommereau. the Hotel now has 154 rooms and 54 suites, having created an additional 14 rooms including eight suites and six guestrooms. Marie-José Pommereau chose a range of warm tones for the walls including peony, suninfused yellow and silver as well as using materials such as damask, embroideries and plain silks from top couture houses to adorn the windows, armchairs and beds.

“Our aim from the beginning has been to create spaces in line with our guests’ dreams and expectations, in other words guestrooms and apartments that remain intimate and extremely private, which they will be delighted to return to each time that they stay in Paris, as if they were coming back home”, she explains.

The other part of Marie-José Pommereau’s mission included renovating many of the bathrooms. this technical and aesthetic task was primarily focused on the lighting. Luminous “Calacatta” grey-veined white marble, sourced from Carrara, was used to adorn the walls, and new mirrors reflect the light to transform these bathrooms into boudoirs of our time.

Restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza AthénéeAlain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

François Delahaye and Alain Ducasse appointed the Jouin Manku agency to redesign the new Alain Ducasse at Hotel Plaza Athénée restaurant and Le Bar. Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku used their innovative vision for the restoration of these two spaces and embarked on a project using architectural design and playful dimension. in order to create their vision they used the expertise of several artistic craftsmen from the national association Meilleurs ouvriers de France.

“Luxury is about inventing new, personal experiences that are not familiar to everyone and have not already been encountered. Luxury highlights individuality”, explains Patrick Jouin.

In conjunction with the products served on the menu, the two designers have chosen authentic materials including tables made of wood, leather and stainless steel. Huge elegant silver bells, that recall the service bells used in aristocratic households in the last century, reflect the crystal drops of the chandeliers.

In the evenings only, the back wall opens up to reveal the chef’s treasure trove, a cabinet full of culinary objects reflecting a history of tableware. Combining pieces taken from Alain Ducasse’s personal collection and elements chosen from the greatest French manufacturers, the aim of this treasure chest is to encourage conversation and enhance the sense of curiosity within the restaurant.

Dior Institut double VIP room

Le Bar

Known as one of the top evening destinations in Paris, Le Bar has been redesigned to create an innovative setting. Using a contemporary style, the space is decorated with a blend of blue and brown tones. the ceiling is hidden under an installation composed of wreaths of fabric whilst the oversized bar in transparent resin levitates within the space.

Dior Institut

Since it was founded in 1946, Dior has maintained a strong relationship with the Hotel Plaza Athénée. Christian Dior was passionate about the Hotel which resulted in the opening of the Dior Institut in 2008.

Exuding an elegant atmosphere, Dior Institut is composed of six treatment rooms including one double, and takes on Dior’s Haute Couture spirit on 30 avenue Montaigne to provide guests with a high quality and bespoke service.

“The ultimate luxury experience for pure beauty” is the philosophy of the new Dior Institut, which emphasises the exclusive experience similar to that of Haute Couture. Inspired by Christian Dior, “the architect of design”, the Dior Institut treatments are created and structured for each guest, step by step, for instant and long-lasting rejuvenating results.

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